Dragons border - Bordure aux dragons

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On to the rd dragon

So mk 71a4d472 9bf6 4cea ac25 a2413a236866

White wash and dragons :)

So mk 7989e6a2 2547 4449 9dd1 164b148511fc

Blue dragon

So mk 2b2dbb22 f0d2 4a54 ae3b 828bbd06a462

White wash done, I need to finish the frame and the illuminated letter

So mk 26948f9f d2fc 4670 a36f 43f6ccb399e1

Gold leaf, red and blue

So mk fb858af0 58f8 4294 8d7e fafd6a299787

Red dragon

So mk 97a2e7db c6c2 4d98 9c27 1c9a782a95c1

All done! size 8x8in.

So mk 7b709d71 5ff0 40bd 91d1 febf1a0c2579

Dragons border - Bordure aux dragons