Mirror mirror

So mk img 6837

Starting with watercolour and reproducing a very well known Iranian 18th century design of a bird in flowers..

So mk img 6986

The original was less detailed, this is not a fac simile.

So mk img 7086

a few wyverns for the outer part of the design, they double up for inktober :p

So mk img 7098
So mk img 7200

And on to the thorns and wyverns

So mk img 7211

All around...

So mk img 7280

Wyverns getting their colours

So mk img 7379

And voila. Roughly 9x19 cm on artboard. Gouache and 23ct gold leaf.

So mk img 7381

With a tilt to see the gold shine.

Mirror mirror

"Mirror mirror" - Tales from Trappist.
I wanted to play around a very traditional 18th century iranian laquer box design, that sweet central bird in the flowers, because it is iconic and goes very well with the ideas behind the painting... and add my own stupid ideas to the mix :p
I am actually painting the exact opposite one as those 2 plates will be on each side of a third central illustration of my ever ongoing project.
As often, gouaches, walnut ink and gold leaf. (Sold)