Estones - Tales of Trappist vol.1 (11 picts)

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Estones - Tales of Trappist vol.1

20cmx35xm on paper
Watercolours, gouaches, sterling silver and gold leaf.

So mk tilt

Different tilt to see how the silver reacts

So mk sistersgp

Close up on the gals

So mk taillemain

My hand, for size comparison

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Border, persian style.

So mk detailsrobesister

Details on cloak

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Glazed grisailles.

So mk so mk 32713726151 e8919d1a25 b

and done.

So mk so mk 32683901862 0e1e87dc07 o

grisaille in progress

So mk so mk 32605998086 b33d915e6f o

finishes sketch

So mk sistercot sketch

first rough

Estones - Tales of Trappist vol.1 (11 picts)

"The Estones were used to drag them back to the Temple. Sure, they tried to gobble one of those now and then but the Elders knew they were not worth the following belly ache. The Elders learnt to only love the shiny things for what they were."
Tales of Trappist - Vol 1.

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(Ok, some of you probably already followed the deluge of WIP picts I posted about this piece :p but if you missed something, feel free to browse my Flickr folder ( or my instagram
You'll find everything in there, including the short movies. )

That's watercolour, gouaches, sterling silver leaf. gold leaf, a truckload of shellac and another truckload of aspirin and coffee.

This is copyrighted SoMK to hell and back but please, if you wish, share along :)