Of carnations and blue peas

Work In Progress / 18 June 2020

I will bug you senseless with my stuff but that is an interesting pict..

I am mainly working on the Blue peas and the carnations and got decent results. I still have a few medium to try but so far, here is how it goes...
I first extract the colour and concentrate it as much as I can. Mixed with arabique gum or watercolor biding mix, it gives a delicious transparent colour that you can see in 1 -bluepea, 10-blue pea plus natron and 5- Carnations. (I tried the carnation concentrated colour with a gouache binding in 6 but it doesn’t improve ianything so, watercolour binding agent it is, arabic gum etc..)
Then I use the very concentrated juice with a biding agent that does not chang the colour, that is the one you saw yesterday evening.
Thing is, if you paint with it, it will turn slightly whitish and I don’t want that. So, imho, it will be perfect for storing the pigment (in the pict , that’s the boxes 2,3 and 4. pure colours)
I took a dollop of those pans and mixed them with some gouache binding agent (arabique gum, etc) and a little bit of zinc white. That gave that creamy colour I was aiming for with a very nice added benefit! It looks opaque, it’s not. Because you will have to add a lot of water to the bit you will use and you’ll get slightly milkish pastel lavishes like 7,8 and 9 ❤️
I think I finally got what I was looking for, I will have to try another binding medium to see how it goes, then literally watch the paint dry... 🤘😇

TLDR, Good vibrant transparent colours are concentrated juice + watercolour medium and Nice lavishes of milky colours are the best mix to fill pans with.