Aronia melanocarpa season is heeeeeere!!

General / 04 July 2020

I am using the whole summer to test new inks/pigments/watercolours, check how they react, how they age... I want to be ready in september/october for a Patreon kind of stuff where you’ll be able to follow my paintings WIP and the making of colours.. and that will mean some tiers with rewards like pigments, watercolour half pans and stuff 😇🥳

But first things first, I have a nifty palette so far but it’s getting wider in the blue/purple zone with the beloved Aronia melanocarpa that gave me a range from purple to deep grey blue.

The cool green you see, second row on the right, is a Blue pea pH7 with a looooong resting time so it lost 80% water, hence super concentrated 💚

Sketchaday - Of weathered ladies and vocal cats...

General / 30 January 2018


Sketchaday - About indigo fremen, old men and.. I dunno.

General / 28 January 2018

Sketchaday 2018 - fuckedup

General / 26 January 2018

Just to show that under 10mn, I fuck up real bad.. but that's the point of this exercize, right? getting better over time? right ? ... right? *crickets*

Sketchaday 2018 - Portrait

General / 23 January 2018

Loosely based on various pre raphaelite era photographies, paper (still crappy) and Indigo - 15 mn