Aronia melanocarpa season is heeeeeere!!

General / 04 July 2020

I am using the whole summer to test new inks/pigments/watercolours, check how they react, how they age... I want to be ready in september/october for a Patreon kind of stuff where you’ll be able to follow my paintings WIP and the making of colours.. and that will mean some tiers with rewards like pigments, watercolour half pans and stuff 😇🥳

But first things first, I have a nifty palette so far but it’s getting wider in the blue/purple zone with the beloved Aronia melanocarpa that gave me a range from purple to deep grey blue.

The cool green you see, second row on the right, is a Blue pea pH7 with a looooong resting time so it lost 80% water, hence super concentrated 💚

Of carnations and blue peas

Work In Progress / 18 June 2020

I will bug you senseless with my stuff but that is an interesting pict..

I am mainly working on the Blue peas and the carnations and got decent results. I still have a few medium to try but so far, here is how it goes...
I first extract the colour and concentrate it as much as I can. Mixed with arabique gum or watercolor biding mix, it gives a delicious transparent colour that you can see in 1 -bluepea, 10-blue pea plus natron and 5- Carnations. (I tried the carnation concentrated colour with a gouache binding in 6 but it doesn’t improve ianything so, watercolour binding agent it is, arabic gum etc..)
Then I use the very concentrated juice with a biding agent that does not chang the colour, that is the one you saw yesterday evening.
Thing is, if you paint with it, it will turn slightly whitish and I don’t want that. So, imho, it will be perfect for storing the pigment (in the pict , that’s the boxes 2,3 and 4. pure colours)
I took a dollop of those pans and mixed them with some gouache binding agent (arabique gum, etc) and a little bit of zinc white. That gave that creamy colour I was aiming for with a very nice added benefit! It looks opaque, it’s not. Because you will have to add a lot of water to the bit you will use and you’ll get slightly milkish pastel lavishes like 7,8 and 9 ❤️
I think I finally got what I was looking for, I will have to try another binding medium to see how it goes, then literally watch the paint dry... 🤘😇

TLDR, Good vibrant transparent colours are concentrated juice + watercolour medium and Nice lavishes of milky colours are the best mix to fill pans with.

Sketchaday - Of weathered ladies and vocal cats...

General / 30 January 2018


Sketchaday - About indigo fremen, old men and.. I dunno.

General / 28 January 2018

Sketchaday 2018 - fuckedup

General / 26 January 2018

Just to show that under 10mn, I fuck up real bad.. but that's the point of this exercize, right? getting better over time? right ? ... right? *crickets*

Sketchaday 2018 - Portrait

General / 23 January 2018

Loosely based on various pre raphaelite era photographies, paper (still crappy) and Indigo - 15 mn