Tiny Dragons Kickstarter is go!

15 March 2018

Tiny Dragons books, published by Jon Schindehette and The ArtOrder is active... and already funded! 👌😍

I have a lil’plum thief in there among several dozens of other awesome dragons by illustration friends and colleagues !

Go grab those books! 💕✨

Tiny Dragons books on Kicstarter!

Sketchaday - Of weathered ladies and vocal cats...

30 January 2018


Sketchaday - About indigo fremen, old men and.. I dunno.

28 January 2018

Sketchaday 2018 - fuckedup

26 January 2018

Just to show that under 10mn, I fuck up real bad.. but that's the point of this exercize, right? getting better over time? right ? ... right? *crickets*

Upcoming events :) !

23 January 2018

Je serai à Atrebatia - Arras les 17 et 18 février prochains Atrebatia sur Facebook

Ensuite, ce sera la très belle L'Orée des Légendes du 6 au 8 Avril à Monthermé.

À très bientot! :)

Sketchaday 2018 - feeding the crows

23 January 2018

Paper, Indigo, 5 mn

Sketchaday 2018 - Portrait

23 January 2018

Loosely based on various pre raphaelite era photographies, paper (still crappy) and Indigo - 15 mn